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Flexibility with continuously variable gears

A frame made of high-quality aluminum. With top values ​​for stability and safety and perfectly equipped for everyday family life. Whether it's going shopping in the weekend, or for the transportation of children, the long rear carrier and an optional front carrier provide a lot of storage space, especially since the permitted total weight is no less than 180 kilos. Thanks to its compact size, and 20-inch wheels, the Familiano is very easy to drive and comfortable and maneuverable - ideal for urban use. The Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor provides powerful assistance and is even suitable for longer distances thanks to the 500 Wh battery, complemented by the stepless ENVIOLO gear hub with comfortable operation. Voluminous tires ensure the comfort is outstanding even without suspension. A sturdy two-legged stand makes everyday use easier, especially with luggage or a child seat. The bright 70 lux headlamp provides extra safety.
  • Powerful assistance thanks to the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise drive
  • The permissible total weight of 180 kg ensures sufficient reserves
  • Intuitive thanks to the continuously variable ENVIOLO gear hub
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