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The perfect family and e-cargo bike

With its modular carrier system, the FAMILIANO L-N provides maximum flexibility when transporting children and luggage. For example, two child seats can be fitted. For older children, there is an alternative child seat with handlebar and backrest, the ”Master Seat”. The luggage carrier can of course also be used as such - transport containers can be used for this. An optional front luggage carrier offers additional transport options. With a permissible total weight of 180 kg, the e-cargo bike is more than sturdy enough for heavy loads. The Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor confidently propels a fully loaded FAMILIANO and, thanks to the 500 Wh battery (optionally expandable to 1000 Wh), is good for very firm excursions. MAGURA's hydraulic brakes bring the Familiano L-N to a safe stop and the voluminous 20-inch tires provide the necessary comfort. With a flat seat angle and adjustable stem, it can be optimally adapted to different body lengths. An additional advantage are the small dimensions, which correspond to those of a conventional touring bike.
  • Frame made of high-quality aluminum, with top values ​​for_x000D_ stability and safety
  • ENVIOLO gears (stepless) and first-class disc brakes combine comfort and safety
  • Wide range of accessory options


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