Bicycles and e-bikes are much more than our profession – they are our passion. Every day, we dedicate and commit ourselves to the best mode of transport ever invented.

At our site in Saarland, Germany, we make tens of thousands of bicycles and e-bikes with premium-quality aluminium and carbon frames – and have done so for more than forty years. In recent years, our traditional plant has given way to a modern facility with cutting-edge production lines. Our engineers, product managers and bicycle specialists boast decades of experience and know exactly what matters during development and assembly. Practically all of our bicycles and e-bikes are made and painted completely by hand and undergo several quality controls. Only then are we ready to pass them on to you or our carefully selected specialist dealers. This dedication is an inherent part of our philosophy, which was the personal doctrine of founder Heinz Kettler himself for several decades.

Heinz Kettler transformed a small family company into a world-renowned brand. Even back then, customers included international magnates like Konrad Adenauer and Michael Schumacher, who have since also been joined by football world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Today, KETLLER Alu-Rad GmbH is made up of an independent team of experts that specialises in the bicycle sector. This enables us to meet the high demands regarding technical development, whilst also working on innovations distinguished by safety, comfort and sporting prowess. Craftsmanship and attention to detail form the very foundations of our daily work.


We have been producing aluminium bicycles and e-bikes with the highest levels of quality and reliability for more than 40 years.


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