Look forward to reduced wear on your components. Thanks to SHIMANO DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, you can enjoy years of high mileage with low maintenance - without having to worry about replacing or repairing components.

LINKGLIDE was developed as a robust drive that still shifts smoothly and quickly and offers a really comfortable riding experience - even if you push your e-bike to the limit.

Whether it's everyday driving or off-road adventures, you can always relax and focus on the pure driving pleasure.

  • Robust technology, smooth-running mechanics
  • High mileage, low maintenance
  • More power, less shift jerk

Tried and tested technology

The LINKGLIDE technology is based on the HYPERGLIDE+ technology, which is popular with racing cyclists and cyclists with sporty ambitions because they appreciate fast gear changes and low weight. LINKGLIDE drives were specially developed for durability, but should still shift smoothly and quickly - and offer a great pedaling experience.

Technology in detail

When designing the DEORE XT and DEORE components with LINKGLIDE technology, we placed great value on maximum robustness in order to significantly reduce daily wear and tear. An optimized tooth profile and new shifting aids prevent the chain from jumping and ensure that it stays longer on the sprocket. You also benefit from smoother shifting processes when shifting up and down and reduced shift jerk - especially with quick acceleration and deceleration of e-bikes.

Frequently asked questions

How much more durable is a drive with LINKGLIDE technology?

Test data shows that 11T, 13T & 15T sprockets with LINKGLIDE technology last three times as long as HYPERGLIDE.

Does the LINKGLIDE drive extend the life of my chain?

The lifespan of bicycle chains depends on many factors. If you shift gears regularly, the LINKGLIDE drive extends the service life of the chain - and reduces wear when shifting up. However, the wear and tear from constantly driving in the same gear without shifting gears is comparable to the HYPERGLIDE drive system.

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Frame shape advice

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