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Baskets and bags for every requirement

Discover our extensive range of different bicycle bags and baskets. This means you are perfectly equipped for commuting to work or for everyday shopping. Brand new to our range are the bags and baskets from the MonkeyLoad T-System.

One click and bags, baskets and other accessories sit firmly on the luggage rack. Now just lock it and everything is secure. Thanks to its innovative design, the new MonkeyLoad-T luggage rack system makes everyday life and touring as a cyclist really easy.

No tedious assembly and positioning - snap in, lock and you‘re done! A special damping layer on the underside of the top plate means the ML-T accessories sit optimally on the rack stays. Nothing rattles, everything fits.

Removing is just as easy as attaching: unlock, pull the locking mechanism forward briefl y using two fi ngers, and bags, baskets and other accessories can be removed in seconds.

MonkeyLoad T – simple, secure and versatile. The T stands for top!


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The right frame size is fundamental for comfort, performance and lasting riding pleasure. We are glad to assist you!


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