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Comfortable, low-maintenance easy-boarding bike with back-pedal brake

  • The Bosch Performance Line (Smart System) motor delivers precisely metered propulsion
  • Easy-to-operate Nexus hub gear and low-maintenance GATES® belt drive
  • Suitable for trailers thanks to KETTLER's own K-Link adapter
An e-bike frame made of high-quality aluminium, tested by top engineers in order to guarantee comfort and safety. The Bosch Performance Line (Smart System) motor provides sufficient assistance for commutes to work, leisurely bike tours and even long trip distances. The drive system always provides assistance at the right moment, bringing sporty prowess and, thanks to the noise-optimised gear shift, a natural riding experience. Specially designed for e-bikes, the SHIMANO 5-speed Nexus gear shift ensures practically effortless gear changing. The hydraulic disc brakes deliver controlled braking manoeuvres and braking effect with optimal metering in all weather conditions. The KETTLER Alu-Rad Comodoro hydro foam saddle immediately adapts to the rider's anatomy, preventing pressure pain and providing the support they need. The smooth outer material combats chafing and the central strain-relief channel promotes additional air circulation. The integrated K-Link adapter for a child trailer is highly practical, as is the MonkeyLoad system pannier rack for simple attachment of bags and baskets.


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