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Full-suspension cargo e-bike with 60 cm cargo space

The CARGOLINE FS 600 excels thanks to its many technical innovations and frame that is second to none with its unrivalled stability and safety. Paired with a suspension element directly below the cargo space, the precision steering hub promises an optimal ride performance. Smooth-running on a wide variety of surfaces and agile in the city. The MAGURA 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure skilful braking even with heavy loads, guaranteeing top reliability under all conditions. Equipped with the Bosch Cargoline (Smart System) drive with the 750 Wh PowerTube, even steep climbs with a full load pose no problem at all. The height- and side-adjustable handlebars can be adapted to different body sizes without tools. The suspension seat post, lowered at the touch of a button, makes it easy to dismount from the bike. Also eminently suitable for inexperienced cargo bike riders! The CARGOLINE model series puts modularity at the forefront. The CARGOLINE FS 600 can be fitted with the Flexbox 600 for safe load transport and for carrying children, too.
  • High-end aluminium frame with unrivalled stability and safety
  • Permitted total weight of 250 kg
  • Powerful assistance thanks to Bosch Cargo Line (Smart System) drive with 750 Wh Bosch PowerTube
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