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Innovative, comfortable and perfect for tours

  • High-torque Bosch Performance Line CX (Smart System) motor
  • Fitted with the new SHIMANO LINKGLIDE technology
  • The SHIMANO 10-speed gear shift ensures sufficient reserves on mountain routes
Available in two frame types and with two battery sizes, the QUADRIGA TOWN & COUNTRY CX10 LG features anti-skid lugged tyres and a suspension fork with 100 mm deflection, making it ideal for tours and everyday rides on poor track surfaces and unpaved terrain. The Bosch Performance Line CX (Smart System) motor delivers powerful thrust with its integrated battery into the slender down tube, available with an output of 625 or 750 watt hours, ensuring a long range. Should more staying power be required, the 625 Wh model can be easily retrofitted with a larger 750 Wh battery. Even the smallest Wave frame has room for the large battery, which can be easily removed and inserted from the side. The 10-speed derailleur gears make even steep climbs an easy pedal while firm disc brakes offer greater safety when riding downhill. Equipped with the new LINKGLIDE technology by SHIMANO, the service life of the drivetrain components increases threefold and ensures smoother, quieter pedalling and gentle, rapid gear shifting. The Performance Line CX (Smart System) motor is one of the most powerful drives that manufacturer Bosch has to offer and gives an energetic push on starting up and when cycling uphill. Controlled via the LED remote, the intuitively operated Intuvia 100 display shows data such as range, trip distance, trip duration and riding mode. The display guarantees comfort and safety thanks to the large font and operation using the control panel, which ensures both hands are kept on the handlebars.

LINKGLIDE Technology

Look forward to reduced wear on your components. Thanks to SHIMANO DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, you can enjoy years of high mileage with low maintenance - without having to worry about replacing or repairing components.


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